Wednesday, 29 October 2014

The Big Banger Theory

Sometimes I think that scientific activity is like cooking a sausage in a frying pan, and worrying it's not cooked in the middle.

The only way to ensure it's cooked in the middle is either to cook the outside until it's utterly burnt, or to cut it in half and, if it's not cooked in the middle, fry the inside.

Either way, you now know the truth.

But you don't really have the fried sausage you wanted.


  1. I prefer to cook my sausages for a duration and at a temperature that I have in the past tested and found to be cooked through and tasty, bacon on the other hand is a complete mystery.

  2. Which is why I bake my sausages at 180c for 40 mins. The packets usually state 35 mins but that is optimistic. Cooking sausages in the oven makes the skins tougher but my teeth are still up to the challenge. And that way the kitchen doesn't get splattered and my clothes don't smell of sausages.
    Sausages of supper it is then. Yum. With warm chutney.

    1. Warm chutney! Side step tradition in favour of comfort and flavour hey? This is the sort of thing that brings walls crashing down! Typical of the church today - any experience to please the senses without a thought for the generations of cold chutney eaters who have preceded us ... no thought for the long term banger choppers who struggle regularly and bravely to their regular reserved seat at the table no matter the trials and opposition - people who would never dream of using the oven and who might be offended by WARM CHUTNEY! Typical! We won't be introducing warm chutney or oven baked bangers into our congregational luncheons - not while I can still fasten my clerical collar! Really Kirsten - warm chutney! ...................... ............... ............ hmmmmm - warm chutney ..

  3. This is pure quantum. Schrodinger's Sausage?

  4. Not just scientific activity, but life: the over-examined life is not being lived, as Socrates should have said.


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