Sunday, 30 November 2014

An Illiterable Petition

Intrigued by the truth or otherwise of an Internet meme about a man moaning about live music, I found this petition.

It seems pretty reasonable to me that nobody moving near a live music venue should be able to complain about the music - in the same way that someone moving to a village should not be allowed to complain about the church bells or clock, the farm lorries driving down road, the sheep, cocks crowing, cattle lowing or foxes being accidentally stood on by the local hunt - honest guv.

Except that the flaw in the wording did it for me:

"There are innumerate cases of people knowingly moving within close proximity of live music venues, only to try to have their licenses revoked or have them closed completely when they take exception to the noise."

These innumerate cases are such a nuisance, aren't they? "Mrs Jones, I put it to you that when you complained about music going on till 11pm at the Eight Bells Pub, it actually went on till 10pm at the Nine Bells..... Furthermore, the groups you were complaining about were not tribute acts to the Dave Clark 9, Fun Boy 6 or Heaven 23." 

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