Monday, 17 November 2014

Flower Ferapy Fraud

Load of money I wasted on this. They swore blind to me that Bach's Flower Remedies were just the thing. Exactly the kind of kind alternative therapy the Beaker Folk would appreciate. So I ordered the complete set.

Bloody rose bush still died. Useless.


  1. Yes, just about killed off my whole border: there's no fuchsia in it...

  2. I share those gardening problems with my Bach.

    Really hurts when digging it over :(

  3. Here's an old worship song you might find appropriate for the occasion: Take me Bach home...

  4. I should have mentioned that the remedies work best on the tobacco plant, as witnessed in James Bland's 1878 paean of praise:

  5. At this time of year, Bach's "Sleepers, wake" is more appropriate - and out of copyright


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