Monday, 3 November 2014

Regulations for the Season of Little Bling

Now that Samhain is over, and we're halfway through The Octave of Fireworks, it's the Beaker tradition to celebrate the season of Little Bling.

We're aware that presents and Christmas food are now filling the shops like poor PR photos in Ed Miliband's scrapbook. But we know that we can't just go wild in an orgy of lights and "Eat Me" figs and partying. No, Paul the Apostle was most clear about where people who spend their time carousing are headed, and it's not good.

So we save all the really energetic celebrating for Advent. That is, after all, what that season of goodwill and merriment is all about.  But no. As we count down the days to Advent Sunday and the Grand Parade of Loveless Packaged Bling, we do so soberly, sensibly, calmly. Aware that the nights are drawing in really quite fast - a reminder of the dark place that awaits us all - we consider the four Great Themes of Little Bling - Expectation, Education, Sensation and Condensation.

And so we've just put the one Father Christmas on the roof of the Moot House. It's for the children, really.

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  1. It's "Eat Me" dates ....... figs are another kettle of fish entirely


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