Friday, 14 November 2014

The Other Talent

There was a king who went away on a journey. And before he went, he summoned his three servants to him. To one of his servants he gave ten talents; to the second he gave five talents; and to the third he gave one.

The first servant arbitraged foreign exchange with his ten talents, and made ten more.

And the second servant invested his five talents in foreign trade, and made five more producing cheap shirts which he sold through a discount chain.

And the third one decided he wouldn't be a grasping huckster like his companions. He would make a stand against his boss's capitalism. He felt solidarity with the working class, who he would be exploiting or undercutting if he was to make any money. And knowing that his boss was a harsh man, he buried his talent in the ground.

When the king returned, the third servant went to where he'd buried his talent, to find a bunch the working class had dug it up, and spent it on Carling Black Label and kebabs.

Moral - burying treasure in Luton is a stupid idea. You'd think they could smell it.

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  1. I must remember not to read those of Eileen's sermons which are on the Lectionary reading before running the risk of being confronted with conflicting eisegisis on Sunday morning.


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