Monday, 26 January 2015

A Dark Day for the Church of England

I'm shocked by the Church of England's decision today. A terrible breach with the universal Church and a sign that their slide into liberal, trendy moral relativism continues apace.

To point out the shocking break with tradition we have seen today:
- Jesus never did this
- The Early Fathers would never have imagined such a thing
- Even Luther and Calvin, while wrecking so many traditions, never dreamed of it.

So why does the Church of England think it has the right to consecrate a Manchester United fan as a bishop? We're going to hell in a handcart. No wonder that bloke heckled.


  1. Apparently St Margaret Clitherow's main claim to fame was that she was killed in York for being a Manchester United fan. Or perhaps I didn't understand what Sentamu was trying to say.

  2. I'm in a state of shock ,too. The BBC news has just said that 'for the first time in 500 years ' the Church of England has ordained a female bishop.

    1. Yeah, there were hundreds of them about in Henry VIII's time.

  3. My daughter's boyfriend is a Man United fan - I certainly wouldn't make him bishop!

  4. I think we can all be sure the Beeb gets its facts right or, at least, is Infallible when it speaks In Cathedral


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