Monday, 19 January 2015

Liturgy for Blue Monday

Hymn: Blue Monday

Archdruid: How does it feel

All: On a Monday this blue?

Archdruid: Does your purse feel rather empty?

All: Is your credit card bill due?

Archdruid: Is it still two weeks till payday?

All: Is Christmas something you rue?

Archdruid: How does it feel?

All: Tell me how does it feel?

Archdruid: Those who went off skiing

All: Are back from their vacations

Archdruid: From now until mid-August

All: They will fly away no more.

Archdruid: I see quite a bleak future

All: I wish I could get away

Archdruid: But instead I shall go to the office.

All: And spreadsheet my life away.

Archdruid: But it's only four days till Friday

All: The light's at the end of the tunnel

Archdruid: So I'll fight my way through my day

All: Though the weather's so cold.

Hymn: Blue Monday

All: 12 inch version! 

Archdruid: Let's face the music and dance!

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