Friday, 2 January 2015

Worship in a Onesie Wonderland

Oh. My. Days.

I suppose I could blame myself. But I can't personally be at every Worship Occasion in the Moot House. I've got to have a break now and then.

And it's been a long Christmas. Started in November, after Charlii claimed she'd discovered evidence of a "Proto-Beaker Yule". And for us it will roll on into Armenian Candlemas, some time in April according our liturgical calendar. So, especially after the Wassailing on New Year's Eve, I needed a lie-in.

But what Charlii and Hnaef cooked up in my absence. Well, I just hope the Catholic Bishops don't hear about it. Or it could be breaking out all over Europe.

Onesie Wonderland Worship. Disproving the Anglo-Catholic theory that all good liturgy is, ultimately, clothing-driven. And based on the co-incidence that Celestine and Hnaef now have near-identical one-piece outfits.

The difference being that Celestine looks rather cute in her tiger suit, because she's not one year old yet. Whereas Hnaef..... Well, maybe the fact that Hnaef bought his own in the Sales tells you something. Like that nobody, before Christmas, thought to themselves, "do you know what a mid-forties, well-built bloke would look good in? A tiger suit."

There is also the similarity that Celestine has to hold herself up by the furniture to get around the room because she's still learning to walk. Whereas, at this time of giving, Hnaef had other reasons for needing this method of locomotion from time to time.

Anyway, I wandered out to take the air at 11.30, to watch thirty or so Beaker people, dressed as an assortment of big cats, pandas and dinosaurs, bouncing out of the Moot House after Hnaef had pronounced the "Tigger song of Peace." The hymns had, natch, included "If I were a Butterfly", where anybody wearing the right outfit had to stand up, jump round and wave. And "All Things Bright and Beautiful". Which would be better-named, in the circs, "All things Polyester and Inflammable."

Don't get me wrong. I have no problem with creativity in worship. Innovation is good. Breaking down the barriers between the Church and people who think dressing up as a lion to go to the shops is a good idea.

I just wish it had happened in someone else's church, that's all.

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