Friday, 6 February 2015

Apology and Accessibility

Some humble pie.

In my previous blog post to you, O God-lovers, I posted an inspirational picture. Unfortunately some of the text on that picture was illegible to some people due to the colours of text and background being difficult to distinguish.

The great irony in this - if irony were the right word, which it isn't really - is that in the blog post before that, I'd warned against doing exactly that. In my defence, I put the text in the TITLE tag of the image.  In my non-defence, that meant I had made the page more useful to completely blind people with screen readers, than to people with colour blindness using smart phones.

Here is the text, in its plainest form.

Liturgically dance like nobody's watching.

Pray like nobody's got the dinner on at home. 

Write letters to the newspaper about traditional language in the liturgy like nobody cares. 

Advertise "Back to Church Sunday" like most people these days have just drifted away.

Confuse the Persons of the Trinity like Athanasius isn't looking down on you from heaven right now.

Preach like nobody's listening.*

Hold Church Meetings like everybody's going to live forever.

Arrange flowers like that one at the back isn't really a triffid.

Rip out pews like the Chancellor of Gloucester Diocese doesn't know how to produce very large Acrobat documents.

Pontificate on sexual morality like nobody's paying any attention.  

* They're not. Don't worry.


  1. I had noticed that, but assumed you were being ironic!

  2. Checking if comments are working... one... two...


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