Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Giving Up Blogging For Lent

Just to let you all know. I've decided to give up blogging for Lent.

To blog is, as we know, a creative and enlivening thing to do. But it takes a lot of time and energy. And all that creative effort that goes into being silly about Giles Fraser's latest inconsistency. You know, just being able to 'be" rather than"do" - that's got to be restorative. More time to spend with the Lord. More mediation. More stones 'n' tea lights....

Oh, wait. What day is it?


  1. Say it ain't so! Your humour and common sense brighten my days! (especially the days after PCC.....)

    Maybe I should give up Facebook for Lent..... *shudder*

  2. For you Arch Druid giving up blogging, would be like giving up Chocolate or Malt Whisky or Pink Gin, three vices that sustain your hyper active life.

    I can't see that you'll be able to stay on track for #notbloggingforlent but just in case, I've downloaded the archive of your last #givingup blogs to post here in you absence. :)


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