Sunday, 8 February 2015

In Many Ways, the Perfect Committee Member

I'm glad to say that the Moot saw it my way when it came to replacing Drogness, the member who flounced out - sorry, resigned on principle - over my proposal to move the tea light stand three inches to the right.

Any committee is always an uneasy coalition of shifting alliances. And the Moot is no different. There are those who agree with me, and those whom I am having to work out how to drive off. They say that no opposition is a recipe for dictatorship, and that's definitely the way to go in my opinion. But in the meantime, we had to co-opt a new Keeper of the Tea lights. And I'm glad to say that we have elected Marston Moretaine.

Those of you who pay any kind of attention to the goings-on in this little Community will remember that it's not six days since Jadis, the ice-witch, turned Marston to stone. So Marston can't express any opinions, can't bring the benefit of his considerable experience, and can't bore the committee stupid with interminable stories about what was like under a different pastor, at some point in the past. He never turns up late (because he never goes anywhere) and he doesn't eat donuts. And we can action him to whatever we like, because he never argues.

He is, in many ways, the perfect committee member.


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    1. I don't know, Perpetua. Last time I dabbled in DNA was on a wet weekend at Glastonbury. I created the People of the Toadstools (or I may just have wandered into the wrong tent after necking one too many Camparis).

      I could do you a few in return for Burton's ex-directory phone number. They are not as useful as Marston, but if you want some visionary ideas for fundraisers and have a spare yurt in the back of the Scout cupboard they might suit.


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