Sunday, 8 February 2015

The Perils of Working the Early Shift

I've just realised that when I referred to the "broth of God", I mean the "wrath of God". James was John's brother, not his butler. I apologise for shouting out "What? Balaam had a taking bottom? It's a bit early. I normally get Charlii to take this while I drink lots of coffee.

And now we sing our closing song, "Why can't you lot Get up at a Sensible Time like Normal People?"

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  1. Look - they are only here in the first place because B&Q is legally prevented from opening till 10am. Don't flatter yourself that anyone is listening. You could be reading out the fish prices in Rekyavik from the Fjarðarpósturinn for all they care.

    I'm off to get a De Walt combi-drill now (reduced from £95 to £78) as I am hoping to impress Burton with my DIY skills.


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