Sunday, 29 March 2015

Liturgy of the Clocks Going Forward

Archdruid: Peace be with you.

All: And with you.

Archdruid: Are you leaving already?

People leaving Dawn Service: Yes, we're from "Dancing in the dews of Dawn".

Archdruid: Sooner you than me. So who are you?

People arriving for Pouring out of Beakers: We're for "Pouring out of Beakers" at 9am.

Archdruid: And who are you with the Andean Pan Pipes?

Andean Pan Pipers: We're the Andean Pan Pipers for last night's Earth Hour. We're late because you made us hitch-hike from Paddington to "save the planet".

Archdruid: And a few quid, conveniently. So that leaves you over there - who are you?

8am BCP people: We're here for the 8am BCP communion.

Archdruid: But we're a post-modern, pre-watershed, post-Christendom worship community. We don't have an 8am BCP communion.

8am BCP people: Neither does the parish church. But at least you're open.

Archdruid: Ah well. If we're quick. 

ALMIGHTY God, unto whom all hearts be open, all desires known, and from whom no secrets are hid....


  1. Taking ecumenism to a whole new level I see, Eileen.


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