Saturday, 25 April 2015

Mind the Gap

As a result of our construction of a Yellow Brick Road from the Moot House to the Lower Holy Well, we have discovered a thin place just below the bramble patch in Lower Meadow.

We've put red and white tape round it, and Hnaef is down there with gauges and a spirit level, trying to ascertain just how thin it is. But we reckon ir's at least a Grade 3, as we can hear chanting.

So until we've got any hard data, please avoid the area. Particularly thin places can be very hazardous. We wouldn't want anyone to end up in Narnia.


  1. I wonder if the Barmbles have been on the NewCastle diet? Because that's guaranteed to make everything incredibly thin. Or at least it does if your mouth is stitched up and you consume through a straw. Inconvenient when supping beer though, the bubbles tend to explode out of the straw and go right up your nose.

  2. It says a lot for your equality and diversity policy (and the general hairiness of the congregation) that no-one has noticed Nikabrik and Maugrim have been attending services regularly for months.

  3. Ah it says a lot for your HR policy that you've not noticed they've been missing since that "tastes of Old Narnia" party we held in March.

  4. Ah yes - that would be the party at which I brought large quantities of Turkish Delight in order to bewitch Burton, only to find they had disappeared while I was arguing with Hnaef about the inauthenticity of the butterbeer tent.

    Strange that your congregation began to increase dramatically around that time....


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