Tuesday, 28 April 2015

My Favourite Liturgical Things

Sad-looking icons and pictures of kittens
Ribbons in oak trees and ashes and lindens
Pictures of angels with kind eyes and wings
These are my favourite litugical things.

Latin from Taize, Swahili from somewhere
Celtic tradition that's really from nowhere
80s Folk Hymns that no teenager sings
These are my favourite liturgical things.

Bodhrans and tabors and lutes, ocarinas,
Liturgical dancing like bad ballerinas
Clowns leading services, puppets on strings
These are my favourite liturgical things.

Chairs in a circle,  tea lights on the altar
Dropping prayer-pebbles into bowls of water*
Cheap paper shredders to tear up your sins
These are my favourite liturgical things.

When the choir wails
When babies cry
When I feel alone
I remember my favourite liturgical things
And I wish I were at home.

* It rhymes if you are from Luton.


  1. And streamers and helium-filled balloons.

  2. How do we get directions to the Moot House to experience this Liturgical Nirvana first hand? ;-)

  3. Flag waving. Until audience oops congregation falls to the floor.
    As victims of mass concussion from low - sweeping flagstaffs. Or is that flagstaves?


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