Monday, 4 May 2015

A Meaningful, Non-egocentric Election Message from Russell Brand

Hello everyone and gentleproles! I've just realised it's a really good idea to vote. And you should vote Labour! Show sympatico with the proletariat and give the money of rich people, like myself, to poor people. Whatever they are. Radio 2 listeners, probably.

I realise that, if you have been paying any attention to what old Russy-Wussy says over the last couple of Gaiaphical rotations of the solar orblet, you won't have wasted your time registering to vote. Because I previously told you voting is a waste of time.

And thusly, if you have been listening to me all along, you will be frustrated. For my previous advice that voting is a bad thing, now it is too late to register to vote, has made my advice to vote Labour both null and voidy-woidy. Thus proving that you shouldn't listen to bearded lotharios whose egos have their own gravitational fields.

I can put a suit on to please the capitalist complex,
if I'm getting paid.

But think. I may be a prat, but I'm a prat with good hair.

I bet that Steve Coogan has registered to vote. He's a grown-up.

Russell Brand Arthur Premier by Eva Rinaldi from Sydney Australia - Russell Brand Arthur PremierUploaded by Kafuffle. Licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0 via Wikimedia Commons

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  1. Yes, a conversion to far, or at least too late.


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