Thursday, 28 May 2015

Definitely Not My Fault

I would like to respond to people calling for me to step down as Archdruid, in the light of the arrest of a number of druids on accusations of "cash for tea lights".

Yes, it is very easy for people to point fingers. Just because I run the organisation, and have personal management responsibility for all the people arrested, people are somehow suggesting that I should have some idea of the level of wrongdoing.

I would like to stress that, in a long line of management and politicians the world over, merely being in charge and controlling everything that happens does not mean that I had any involvement with the wrongdoings in the Beaker Folk - an organisation which I have barely heard of. And based on the way, yesterday, that I forgot the name of the popular musical that contains "You'll never walk alone" while watching "Pointless" - I am almost certainly senile. There's no way I should be held to account for anything. Though I'm sure I'll be fine to carry on running the organisation.


  1. I hadn't considered that you were like Mr Blatter. But now you raise the subect, your use of Human slavery to run your business is against Wlliam Wilberforce.

  2. Now I was thinking of Ernest Saunders, who made a unique and miraculous recovery from Alzheimers Disease - after he had been released from prison on compassionate grounds.

  3. Have you sought the unconditional approval of Mr Putin and claimed it is an American tea light conspiracy on the part of the Tea Light Party?

  4. Since you were behind the Occupy movement and have been a prime mover in the sub-prime scandal and had a hand in the Libor and Forex Scandals, something must be your fault - perhaps being caught?


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