Saturday, 16 May 2015

The Unpaid Ministry of the Sleepless Mind

Interesting Church Times article on SSMs. Not Same Sex Marriages - Self-supporting Ministers. Although, judging by the article, the former may be less of a shock to Church culture. The important thing is that the minister be in a Deanery tea morning, rather than off stacking supermarket shelves or driving a taxi. The relative chromosomal configuration of their partner is often far less important, as long as they can bake.

I was especially interested in the importance of involving SSMs in the regular get-togethers of the ministerial community. And I do believe that we in the Beaker Folk are a way ahead in this. As our old-established readers will know, Hnaef has a full-time job running an archery school for people with no thumbs. And, as this involves travelling round the country with his Bow Van (for his profession is rather niche), he was missing a lot of chances to be involved in the diurnal mutual support of the paid Druids.

But I really wanted to involve Hnaef in our fellowship, as our only NAPDLE*. So Keith, Charlii, Daphne and I agreed to move our Daily Druid Scrum, Weekly Catchup, Fortnightly Druidic Conference,  Monthly Synod, Moot and Mini-Moot to the evenings so Hnaef can attend.  Because there's nothing says you are fully included so much as attending a load of meetings to discuss what other people have been doing during the day.

It's so great to see him at every meeting now. And I know Hnaef appreciates it that, even if he's late home having driven back from Newcastle or Truro or wherever, we'll wait till he gets back before starting the meetings. He's so grateful sometimes that he falls asleep from sheer happiness. Other times he'll look at photographs of his kids and sigh with joy and fulfilment.

And there's another advantage to involving Hnaef in this way. I find it means I have plenty of time to get in some power-naps during the day. I have to say, and I think Hnaef will support me in this, that we've all benefited.

* Not a Proper Druid Like Eileen


  1. Thank you for the link. Had never realised that some of the Anglican clergy are unpaid. I think that makes them volunteers, in fact if not in name, just like Mrs Jones serving on the counter in the Oxfam shop is a volunteer.

    Better not let IDS know about this, or before you know it unpaid posts in the CofE will be part of work experience for unwilling unemployed Arts graduates. Get a vocation or your benefits will be sanctioned.

    How about a SSM Archbishop of Canterbury! That'd be one up on the Pope, all right.

  2. Thanks for the link - just read the article. I assume the photo at the top is of Hnaef the hobby-druid at a nice cosy evening meeting.
    As for Anglican SSMs in senior positions - I suspect that a significant proportion of the SSMs are women so it must be only a matter of time.

    1. If you mean the picture on the Facebook page, that's Hnaef the hobby-druid walking the borders of being thrown out the White Horse.


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