Wednesday, 10 June 2015

A Vicar Calls

You know how it is as a busy minister. Everybody complains you don't go to see them. If it's not people with highly infectious diseases wondering why you can't find time to visit, it's members of the PCC suggesting that every-member ministry starts with the pastor door-to-door visiting every house on the new estate. And if you ever do go to see the housebound parishioner to take communion, there's an evens chance they've gone to Sunny Hunstanton for the weekend.

Well, now help is at hand. We at the Beaker Folk have been inspired by the home delivery companies, adopted their systems and techniques. And now, at very reasonable rates, you can buy these "Called but you were out" cards. Instead of all that time visiting, and awkward conversations on the doorstep by people who really weren't expecting the local hitman or woman for the God Squad, you just sneak down the path, pop one of these through the door, and leg it.

People will be happy you visited. Many people will be glad that you cared, and even gladder that they missed you. If they really want to see you, they'll be able to call and arrange for you to drop round another day. And if you really want to behave like a delivery company - why not throw a bag of jumble over their garden gate?

"Sorry I missed you" cards. Pastoral ministry for the busy minister.


  1. I'll take 5 packs please, as a starter....


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