Monday, 8 June 2015

Blooming Awful

Uproar among the flower arrangers.

Floribunda just started screaming uncontrollably. And eventually we just had to do that thing where you slap them to bring them to their senses.

Not that we expected that to work. She was just getting on our nerves. It didn't help her, but we all felt much better.

Anyway. After a while we realized that the problem was a really badly arranged set of blooms from a lilac-blue climbing plant. She hated the fact that her colleague, Hyazinth, had used the plant in the first place. And she loathed the arrangement. And that's what brought on her attack.

That's right.

It was a bad case of wisteria.


  1. Makes me almost wistful for the days of flower arranging men's group - not many flowers arranged, but a fair amount of beer drunk while contemplating the complications of it. Very successful group, not many flowers though :)

  2. Thanks for the word "Floribunda". I have been wondering what to name a rather plump, matronly rescue hen I have acquired, and the name Floribunda just ticks the box.

    PS the other two, scraggier, hens are called Squinancy and Winceyette. I offer, In case any more of your parishioners might require pseudonyms.


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