Saturday, 13 June 2015

Colour Rush Church

Inspired by the Colour Obstacle Rush at Willen today, so we went for the Colour Procession this afternoon.

A whole new concept in initiating worship. As the acolytes, tea-light bearers and druids approached the worship focus via the Corridor of Uncertainty, they had to "run the gauntlet". Coloured paint,  buckets of water, people with giant foam cotton buds - the full gamut of extreme worship.

Personally I thought it all looked a bit fraught. So I ensured I came in via the trapdoor under my archdruidical seat. But the younger ones did seem to enjoy it. Though Keith came a nasty cropper on the vaulting horse - putting it on wheels was an act of evil genius.

Anyway. We've had complaints. Some said that starting worship dripping in paint, glowing in UV,  and tackling obstacles was irreverent. Some said we were just trying to outdo the Catholic Bishops.

But mostly, people wanted to know why we didn't stick to liturgical colours.

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  1. Shame on your writings, Archdruid! I now have a vision of the entire CBCEW, or even the College of Cardinals, successively attempting to vault over a wheeled horse; it has the evil attraction of a Bill Tidy cartoon and will come between me and my devotions for a long time.


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