Friday, 5 June 2015

Festival of Tin Foil Trousers

Can Beaker Folk please note that, in consideration of the lightning threat, this morning's "Feast of Tinfoil Trousers" has been cancelled.

To be honest I can't remember what theological point this was making anyway. But we put Burton out in tinfoil trousers as a test-worshipper. And let's just say he won't be needing to wax his legs before his next big bike ride.


  1. I feel his pain. Advise him that I can do a nifty exfoliation by turning unwanted hair into stone (this is a somewhat delicate operation) which makes it easy to rub off with a silkymit.

    1. Which reminds me. Could you please turn Marston back from stone? Only we need a lutist for the authentic German evensong. And we're only using him as a paperweight.

  2. The idea of anyone that wearing tin foil trousers is a good idea, seems to be from the torturer - Arch Druid. I suspect that it's part of her regime of brutality towards here followers/slaves which keeps them in line.

    As for Marston, more fool him to have a yen for an ungrateful Arch Druid who seems intent on driving him mad. Playing extreeeeeeeeeeemly hard to get.


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