Sunday, 28 June 2015

Handed Down to Us

Burton came home a bit shell shocked yesterday. He went off to the London Pride demo, thinking it was some Real Ale celebration. I suppose they have the beards in common, at any rate. This once again proves why Burton's nickname is "Tesco Bleach". He thinks it's because he's sharp and cleans up the Community accounts. Whereas in fact it's because he's clinging and thick.

Burton's mother, a strict Presbyterian, was apparently dreadfully shocked by the expanding gay scene after legalisation in 1967. So she ensured that he got plenty of toys that would ensure he grew up securely masculine. Oh yeah. Especially in the area of the costumes he got to play in. There was a cowboy, a Native American, a motorcycle cop, a builder outfit...  But despite this, Burton's sexuality has never really been in doubt. He's a frustrated nerd. Apparently that's not enough to get your own letter, mind you. So the struggle continues.

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