Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Don't Mention the Deity

Apologies to everybody after yesterday's sermon.

I don't know how Charlii managed to do it, but in amongst the amusing anecdotes about Celestine's first words, left-wing politics, stories about anthropomorphic woodland creatures and dodgy economic theories, she accidentally mentioned God.

I'm really sorry for all the upset caused. Charlii has offered her resignation, but I've told her she is a much-respected member of the Druidic leadership and she must merely go on a 6-week re-education course.

She's young.

She'll learn.


  1. So, druids are not permitted a God or Gods? That seems to be a cheap version of druidic custom, after centuries of human sacrifices (now not the norm) to some God or other?

    And re-education? Surely you know the state of our schools these days, she'll come back knowing less than she goes with. :(

    1. Of course we believe in God. But we don't think people want our beliefs forced down their throat. We're not the Church of England.

      And who seriously sends people to school to be re-educated?

  2. Ah, but what gender of pronoun did she use? That's the most important thing at the present, according to the popular press and the Catholic Herald.


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