Thursday, 30 July 2015

The Point of Wasps

Eddie is running a kind of "Kouya Gold" on his blog,  today going back to 2009 to recall the question "why did God make tortoises?"

Which reminds me of the friend who asked me, what are wasps for?  Meaning is baked into our minds. Even a non-religious mind tries to walk out the point of wasps. Apart from the sting at the back, I suppose you could say that's the point of a wasp.

And there's lots of things you could say wasps are for. They eat a lot of things we regard as pests, for example. They provide examples of the apparently meaningless suffering of the world, when they lay their eggs in caterpillar.

But in the end, wasps are another example of the endless creativity that this universe is made with. Wasps just are. They don't need a meaning. The God who made this world, just loves stuff.


  1. One might also argue that the modified ovipositor that constitutes a wasp's sting is an indication of the fall.

  2. They remind us of the question, "Death, where is thy sting?"

  3. Hmm... White Anglo-Saxon Protestants, good question!

    Of course, if you mean Vespula Vulgaris, then I'd say making baby wasps is their point (except when they take sabbaticals from tending to the queen to explore pint glasses in beer gardens)


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