Thursday, 16 July 2015

UCL is Other People

Intrigued by the news that UCL, the institution that forced Prof Tim Hunt out for his [poorly-done joke]/[outrageous demand that women work in separate labs]* pay the male-member-only Garrick Club to use its premises for fundraising.

UCL has a fine record in life sciences and medicine. But as they keep proving, the one research field where they are woefully lacking is Differential Cubito-Proctology.

(* delete as appropriate)


  1. And now the Mayor of Rushcliffe is under investigation by his own Borough Council for making a dumb joke about fat bottomed women.

    ArchDruid, be very afraid. You write a blog containing many humorous posts. So did I, once.....until I attracted the attention of the professionally-offended brigade, those people whom Alan Bennett described as making a beeline for the wrong end of the stick. I got so sick of the self-righteous abuse that I stopped writing that blog, preferring only to leave up posts which defined my stance. They are still extant, in the hope that even one casual surfer might glance and pause to think before rushing off on the next "I don't like what the guy said (which I heard at 3rd-hand) so let's cancel his birth certificate" crusade.

    For the record, I am an alumnus of UCL and I'm ashamed of them.

    1. Bee line? It's not bees head for that end of the stick. It's flies.


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