Saturday, 15 August 2015


Dormition of the Theotokos: Theophanus the Greek
I was at first alarmed, and then amazed.
Alarmed by grace being poured in through me
And then amazed at that which I gave out to the world.

Thirty years I wondered and feared
As the tiny being to which I gave life
Grew into life, gave it to others and then gave it up himself.

Two dark nights I wept
Knowing my heart was pierced, my love mocked and broken
That burning life and fearful love was snuffed out.

But on a day of rest, when the earth lay waiting
In the quiet of a garden, he walked again
And the women brought us the good news.

So I have lived long, waiting for him and holding him.
That reckless son whose Spirit flutters one last time in my heart
is now calling me home.

The one I gave room to has prepared a room for me,
And to the one I once gave to the world, I will now bring the world
in prayer, and joy, and hope, until the Age.


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