Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Festival of Hand-holding

Beaker Folk may shuffle into a circle.

Men who are less in touch with their feelings may try to sneak to stand between two women.

Archdruid: We all stand in solidarity.

All: We are one community.

Archdruid: Let us join hands in the circle as a symbol of our unity.

All may join hands.

People who are aggressively pacific may look earnestly, but not erotically, into the eyes of people across the circle.

People who are not so in touch with their feelings may look at the floor, close their eyes or, if really assuredly not in touch with their feelings,  feel the urge to cross themselves.

All: You're not holding hands with anyone, Eileen.

Archdruid: Well, I'm standing next to Burton and Marston.  You must be kidding.

Marston: Yuk!  Burton's all sweaty.

Burton: Well I've just had a 30-mile bike ride...

Archdruid: OK. Let go of each other.

Beaker Folk release each other's hands in relief. Marston may wipe his hands on his jeans or, as appropriate, cargo shorts.

Archdruid: We have shown that we can join together in unity and peace.

All: Let's not do it again.

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