Saturday, 1 August 2015

Lammas Day

Archdruid: Lammas Day arrives again!

All: It's been ages. We only seem to get Lammas Day once in a blue moon.

Archdruid: That's because we sometimes celebrate Yorkshire Day instead.

All: Gradely. Gradely.

Archdruid: And so we celebrate Lammas - the day of....

All: Lambs?

200 lambs are driven through the Moot House

Archdruid: No....

All: Lambic beers?

All may open a lambic, take a swig and go "oooh! That's sharp."

Archdruid: No.....

All: Lamps?

All may take a light and put it on a stand.

Archdruid: No! Loaves!

All: Loaves?

The false ceiling of the Moot House is released, bombarding the Beaker Folk with croissants, rolls, buns, cobs, baps, baguettes, cottage loaves and slices of white.

Archdruid: Loaves!

All: Nah, can't see it. Lammas don't sound anything like loaves.

Archdruid: It's from Anglo-Saxon. It's traditional. It was originally "hlaf-mass".

Daphne: With a silent "h", like "Hnaef".

All: Nah. Anglo-Saxon's English, isn't it? So it can't be traditional. We don't have any traditions of our own. That's why we borrow other people's.

Archdruid: Finish off with Yorkshire Day again?

All: Gradely.

Archdruid: Then I'll sithee.

All: Geoff Boycott's granny could have caught that tea cake in her pinny.


  1. Excuse me. I have just built a huge Lughnasa bonfire, booked the Wild Hunt, and spent all day making bread rolls. Ruddy modernists.

  2. Swiss National Day today too. Croissants and fondue and a glass or two of Dorin la Cote


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