Sunday, 20 December 2015

Ban All Sex

Meanwhile on Radio 4 this morning (link available for a while - 35 minutes in) Canon Chris Sugden of Anglican "Mainstream" tells us that the valid reason for banning homosexual acts (as per some African countries) is to prevent grooming of children.

Let's think about this. Apparently the reason homosexual acts should be illegal is to prevent grooming of boys. Which is already illegal. So making one thing illegal will prevent a different, already illegal thing happening. As if banning hay fever tablets would stop people using Ecstasy. After all, they both make you feel better, don't they?

One trouble among many with Chris Sugden's argument is that you can extend it. Because young girls are also at risk of being groomed. And I don't believe there's any evidence that  men who are attracted to sex with girls are predominantly homosexual. But if the logic says that banning homosexuality prevents men preying on boys, there's only one way to prevent men preying on girls.

Ban all sex. It's the only logical thing to do.


  1. Sorry, there is a simple solution to the Chris Sugden problem - Ban Chris Sugden or anyone named Sugden from all media for life. He can than talk into his mirror all day every day and have one, single, interested audience.

  2. I am a straight, 42 years married, female priest in the Church of England and I was appalled at what Chris Sugden said on the Sunday programme and appalled that the interviewer allowed his remarks to go unchallenged. The cofe does itself no favours by allowing the fundamentalist hate pedallers of mainstream to claim to speak for it. It is time for the hierarchy to speak up against such hate filled organisations.

  3. I fear that banning Chris Sugden would have very little impact on the number of bad arguments pervading the web. There are too many others of all persuasions pushing their bad arguments on us. Sudden is just one of them, while being rather agin people who are "one of them"


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