Monday, 21 December 2015

Liturgy of Solstice Eve Tea-time

Archdruid: That's it then. Sun's gone down.

All: The sun sets at the death of the year.

Archdruid: Dunno why you're being so melodramatic about it. It's just an astronomical phenomenon.

All: The earth dies screaming.

Archdruid: Was that a UB40 lyric?

All: Erm... No.

Archdruid: Because you know if it was, I'll have to get the.....

All: Not the Slazenger V400 of Death!

Archdruid: Erm, no. I was going to say, the Best of UB40 (Part 1) CD.

All: To be honest we would rather you hit us with the cricket bat....

Archdruid: See you in the morning then?

All: As sure as the Death Star sucks the life from an unsuspecting sun.

Archdruid: May the Force be with you.

All: No we're not falling for that.

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