Saturday, 12 December 2015

The Law is an Ass, not a Bike

[Justice Charles] Wide continued by saying: "I'm very conscious, as all judges are, that no sentence I can pass can bring a victim back...."

He didn't finish by saying " what's the point of even trying?" But he might as well have done. A lorry driver turns left unexpectedly without checking his mirrors and kills a cyclist. The judge gives a year driving ban and community service. Cos motor vehicles eh? They just kill people. The driver of the lorry is just a helpless pawn in the hands of fate.

A BBC traffic report this month described how a man escaped injury when his car "mounted the central reservation." You'll notice the chap didn't drive onto it. The car just did it. Motor vehicles are like that. Minds of their own.

In the old days before giving the death sentence a judge would put a black cap on. I expect Justice Wide will be putting on Christmas Cracker hats before he sentences in future.


  1. Dear Archdruid, your most recent posts have all been expressive of depression and unhappiness. I pray that you may sooon regain peace of mind and spirit at this holy season. I wish you well.

  2. *points to actual liturgical season.*

    *considers death, judgement and the Last Things*

    1. He said "holy", not "holly". Honestly.

  3. Nevertheless, I wish you well.


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