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Tuesday, 22 December 2015

The Mysterious Powers of Dr Dawkins

Eccles has published his latest, in which he suggests that Dr Richard Dawkins is a miracle-worker, for his ability to get people to buy his books.

I think the good Bruv Emeritus is being a little unfair. Some of what Dawkins has written has been pretty good. The Greatest Show on Earth, for instance, is an excellent little book on the evidence for evolution.

Where I think the Bruvster may be about right, however, is when we come to the God Delusion. Anybody who writes a book that full of name-dropping and straws person burning, yet manages to convert people to atheism, is clearly using powers stronger than reasoned argument. I wish I knew what they were. If they were not infernal, I could use them to bolster the attendance of the Beaker People. We lost a few when they went out into the woods on a rainy day. They're not as strong as they were.


  1. Must be that dodgy university he went to ;)

    1. And that dodgy Zoology Dept I was a member of...


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