Thursday, 25 February 2016

Here's the Church - Where's the Sheeple?

Scenes at last night's faith vs atheism debate last night as Broderick used the word "sheeple".

Now "sheeple" is a word used, oddly, by people who think they are cleverer than the ones they are referring to. The implication being that they and only they (and presumably the people they get their ideas from) are creative free-thinkers. Whereas sheeple are happy to go along with the herd.

Which is odd. Because what the use of a lazy portmanteau word actually says is that you are unoriginal and uncreative,  and reaching for a playlist of insults that contains, for idiots of differing persuasions, words such as "libtard" and "feminazi". Words that I think of as "frapmanteau" words - they should be hard-hitting but in fact are just all instant powder, wind, milk and water.

So unfortunately as Broderick stood on the rostrum and used the word, he set off the "Smug Intellectual Laziness Detector" (or SILD). Awful trouble. Took us hours to get the piano off him.

In other news I read the phrase "Gay Inquisition" today. Needless to say used by a member of the religion, one of whose denominations invented the Spanish one.

I encountered the Gay Inquisition once, unexpectedly, after I said I didn't expect there was one. Actually, they're just like the Spanish branch. Only with better taste in furnishings. The comfy chair and the soft cushion actually co-ordinated.

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