Monday, 15 February 2016

The Lady Lies - The Lust that Lays Men Low

I was so tempted to post this one for Valentine's.

Being mostly public school boys, there's a certain attitude  to women in the world of Genesis. They're quite often, not to put too fine a point on it, scary demons. The "lady" of the title; Lilywhite Lilith; the nymph Salmacis; the Lamia. What are they trying to tell us? OK, Rael's girlfriend in "Counting out Time" has some sense, and we hope that Juliet in "Cinema Show" finds a Romeo worthy of her in the end. But that's still a fair number of demons to be getting on with, innit?

"He knew he was walking
Into a waiting trap,
Neatly set up for him
With a bait so richly wrapped."
What more could he want? The lovely lady - vulnerable. Sexy but needing protection. And offering him "something special after if you like". It's never gonna work out, is it? Yet off he goes. Once again confirming that the problem is that people are stupid.

They say "who dares, wins". But if something looks too good to be true - well, you know the rest. You know what the rumours in the forest were. It's Lent, a time to look at our temptations and weaknesses. And the fact that - even when we know our weakness is killing us - yet we love it too much to leave it, to hopelessly misquote "Man on the Corner".  Look out for richly-wrapped bait, that's all I can say.

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  1. I'm not sure of the Genesis of this post. Is it baiting Public School boys? Is it denigrating people for their lustful weaknesses? Or is it celebrating vulnerable, strong women?

    I really think that equating Lent with sinful pursuits isn't what is intended - surely it's about purging,sackcloth ans ashes?

    Bring back traditional lent - now where did I put the scourging whip?


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