Thursday, 3 March 2016

Evangelizing Dorset

Strong stuff from natejlee on the subject of a Hillsong arrival in California. Presumably because there aren't currently enough guitars in the Bay Area. "Colonizing" San Francisco is maybe a bit strong though. I'm sure Hillsong aren't planning to get the whole population in the rhythm section.

I knew an Australian Pentecostal church in west London once. Their leadership had a vision of starting one church in a major city in Oz, one in London, one in New York etc. And though God gave them this vision, I'm not aware they were ever told what to do once they had planted. Funny that God keeps giving people these visions to go to major, affluent cities. I guess it's a burden.

However I now feel my own burden to reach the unchurched of Sandbanks in Poole. Just as soon as the dough for my Mission beach house has been raised I'll leave the Bedfordshire Beaker Folk to Charlii and head for Dorset. After all, the Redknapp family need evangelizing just as much as anyone else.

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  1. Well, what a Godincidence! I too, feel a burden: to spread The Word, clotted cream and dairy butter in the coffee shops of sunny Sherborne. I have my eye on a cosy little cottage in the Cathedral Close. May I join your team? Plleassseeee!


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