Friday, 11 March 2016

In Too Deep - Love Shared and Love Given

It seems I've spent too long
Only thinking about myself - oh
Now I want to spend my life
Just caring bout somebody else.
It's a song about sexual love. About a really committed love. About somebody who realises that love is not just about self-gratification, about taking, about what makes us feel good.

The time when love is real love, is when it's about giving. About caring. About looking out at the other  instead of inwards at oneself. To ask the question - what I am giving here? Instead of what can I get out of this?

That's true love in a sexual relationship. But that true love is also a model that says - if I love the special one in that way, I need - in a less exclusive way - to give more than I take, to view the rest of the world in a way that is giving instead of contractual. To move from thinking about yourself to caring about another is a start. But love is shared, and then shared again - to children, to neighbours - stop being smutty at the back there - to all those that need love.

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