Friday, 11 March 2016

Jeremy Hardy "Not Very Funny"

Controversy has broken out after a comedian at a Jeremy Corbyn rally was not very funny.

A spokesperson said, "When we knew that Jeremy Hardy and Mark Steel were appearing at our Justice for Jeremy Corbyn rally, we were very excited to have two such famous celebrities. But turns out we were confusing Mark Steel with that bloke David MacCallum played in the 70s. And he'd barely even met Joanna Lumley.

"And then when Jeremy Hardy spoke we couldn't believe it. Almost everything he said was totally unfunny. Though he made some joke about a Blairite being bonkers. That was quite good."

The organisation's organizer's are now said to be concerned that the comedian, who is believed to live up to his politics by being largely state-funded, has in fact never been funny at all. Members of J4JC believe he may have been funny on "The News Quiz", but can't find anyone who has ever listened to it.

Said the spokesperson, "We could go through the BBC archives trying to find examples of Hardy being funny. But we would have to listen to all that low-grade snark and whining for so long trying to find something. It's inhumane."

 J4JC were temporarily encouraged by Jeremy Hardy's Wikipedia page which said Hardy's impressions of posh people
 "have often prompted great mirth and recognition in live radio audiences."
However without any citation on that remark, it is impossible to know when that may have occurred. Sobbed the spokesperson, "It's like looking for a needle in a haystack."

Last night Jeremy Hardy gave reporters his own account of events. But unfortunately nobody could remember what it was.

The Leader of the Opposition last night gave his reaction: "Gosh! Harumph! Let's get out of jolly old Europe and put me in charge!" 

Meanwhile Jeremy Corbyn was unavailable for comment, as he was at a "Justice for Jeremy Hardy" rally.


  1. Hardyism is a a recognised but incurable illness, which in our society sadly has a stigma attached to it. We should not refer to people we disagree as "complete Jeremy Hardys".

    1. *disagree with*

      I made a right Hardy of myself there! Oops.

  2. Nonsense. "Jeremy Hardy" is a persona created by another individual of the same name so that Radio 4 audiences can safely laugh at a caricature of their most cherished attitudes.

    In real life, he's a dustman from Wolverhampton.

  3. "The News Quiz". I have. He isn't.

  4. Give Jeremy Hardy a break! We men are famously useless at multi-tasking, so it's unrealistic to expect him to be funny at the same time as explaining to us what a bunch of reactionary bigots we are.

    By the way, was Marcus Brigstocke unavailable that day? He must have been gutted to miss out on the champagne-socialist love-in.

    1. Apparently Marcus was busy polishing his smug.


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