Saturday, 12 March 2016

Losing the Congregation

Yeah, I used to be a Spiritual Director. But then I got a promotion and now I'm a Spiritual Chief Executive.

Got a concerned call from an Anglican minister. He thinks maybe he's losing the parish.

Well I dunno.  Apparently the diocesan office had to upgrade their network. Needed more disk space for all the complaining emails.

And then during a sermon, some preachers are aware of bored congregations. Even people falling asleep. But surely it's wrong to fit a trap door with a timer in the pulpit? I asked him - didn't they need a faculty? But apparently it was English Heritage who suggested it.

And then the copies of the Church Times started arriving, with the more attractive jobs circled.

Oh, and the PCC have apparently started work on a Parish Profile. And instead of asking for visits, the really sick parishioners have started moving to get burial rights in other parishes.

And the poison-pen writers have started signing their names. Which I admit is unusual. Especially when a fair number are from the Archdeacon.

So yeah. I reckon he's having a hard time. Probably time he started a building project.

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