Saturday, 19 March 2016

That All-Purpose Guardian Millennials Article

Like "Rocky", many Millennials have been to the Philadephia Museum of Arts
Millennials. Everywhere you look there are millennials. In the media; the arts; at the forefront of culture. Many refugees, coming from countries with low average ages, are millennials. Gay people, black people,web developers and coffee shop baristas - all these socio-demographic groups often contain millennials.

But what do millennials want? What do they think? Where do they find meaning? What is their attitude to Rocky films, Global Warming, the Fuggles hop or the Weak 2 Spades opening at Bridge?

Well, some of my best friends are millennials. And it is notoriously difficult to pin them down. That's the whole millennial thing, you know. Being millennial. Acting millennially. Growing up through the millennium. Doing millennial things. But they're very young aren't they? And none of them read this paper. Makes you wonder why we bother. That's the problem with millennialness. It's wasted on millennials.

Because it's not bad enough just being a refugee.......

Philadelphia Museum of Arts from Wikimedia Commons. By su1droot - Flickr, CC BY 2.0,

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