Wednesday, 16 March 2016

That's All - The Love that Will Note Let me Go

Yes, we're ripping a lyric out of context again. Good. So what. If Song of Solomon is in the Bible, we can do this. Yes we can.
Truth is I love you
more than I wanted to
there's no point in trying to pretend
there's been no-one who
makes me feel like you do
say we'll be together till the end
I don't know why you might get into what I will call, for the sake of argument, "religion". Some wander into it. They go along because friends are, because they started wandering in on a weekday to get some peace in a quiet building. Or they just wanted something to give some direction, some meaning, some clue beyond the everyday.


And they find that God has a love that, to quote the old hymn, "will not let me go". You just went along because you thought the music was jolly. And you discovered that God has a fierce, almost desperate love - a love that will hang on through everything you go through, through all the things you do. A love that will cling on to you all the way to a cross.

"A shame that's all"? Maybe. A shame if you want to be free of that love that keeps calling you back. If you want to depend just on yourself. If you think you are truly autonomous.  But a love that holds you through death and beyond the other side? You end up loving it more than you wanted to. You only wanted to love a bit. But you can't. It's always the same.


  1. Very ecumenical to call upon post-Gabriel inspiration at last. I'd begun to think Collins was beyond your pale (pail?). How about 'In the air tonight' as cremation music?

  2. Nick, I think post-Gabriel has in fact been represented, and perhaps somewhat too generously IMHO! I personally take no cognisance of anything after And Then There Were Three. That's when I (reluctantly) had to start listening to classical music. Mahler's not too bad, after a couple of beers anyway.

    Speaking of cremations, Afterglow might just be my closing choice for my own obsequies. But hopefully there's plenty of time left yet for me to change my mind....

  3. Yeah I think Ripples, Burning Rope, Guide Vocal, Afterglow, Blood on the Rooftops, Land of Confusion, Squonk are all very much Collins era.


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