Saturday, 19 March 2016

The Guaranteed Eternal Sanctuary Man

Yes, he's here again, can't you see he's fooled you all. Share his peace, Sign the lease. He's a supersonic scientist, He's the guaranteed eternal sanctuary man. 
He claims to have a means of fighting fire, which is a lie. He also claims to be a supersonic scientist, and the giver of eternal sanctuary.

Every age will have its Messiah, telling us it's their way to heaven. Often they are obsessive religious types. Some even found religious movements that last beyond their lifetimes. Though in the process, simply because they have palpably died, their influence is weakened and their theology changed.

Then in this technological age, our cheap Messiahs are often the ones who tell us that science will make things right. That our problems are that our lives are too short, our faces not beautiful enough, our shirts not the right bluey shade of white. Every now and then some fool who doesn't understand thermodynamics will once again claim that science can make us immortal. And we watch, sweating on our artificial sofas, and trust them and get in our cars that kill the atmosphere and the land. We drive to a city that wouldn't need so much air conditioning if we hadn't used so much air conditioning. We breathe in diesel particulates, because choking on fumes is so much better than walking. And we tell ourselves that if science can make things this good - imagine what it will be like in the future.

Still, scientist or religious leader, we need to trust somebody. And if we can't wait for the right one then we'll catch on to any one. The new generation, we're told, isn't about badges and labels - it's about becoming part of a Movement. Being part of a movement can be a good thing. To catch the optimism of Jeremy Corbyn isn't bad - thinking you can make the world a better place is a noble ideal. I don't believe he could do that, mind you, but he is at least, I believe, well-meaning. And despite his followers' belief that he can fix global warming and world poverty, he's not the Messiah. The teenage losers who ran to Syria and Iraq to fight for ISIS - they were looking for a movement too. And boy what a messianic religion they found. A religion of hate, terror, suicide and sexual violence. Not Islam. - Islamism

Then the ones who committed suicide to fly to a comet; the ones who want to eliminate Downs syndrome by eliminating those that might have it. All simple ways to a better life.

Nah, he's offering something too easy, is the Guaranteed Eternal Sanctuary Man. Look at all the children, led down many paths. Reflect that the worst is not, as long as we can say 'this is the worst'. Strap in tight. Because the road is narrow and windy and long, if you don't want to take the easy highway that leads in the wrong direction. Because all we have seen are just the birth pangs.

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