Monday, 25 April 2016

The Spirituality of Swindon

Today's "The Spirituality of Swindon" was a surprise success for those of us who don't believe it has any. The scale model of Solsbury Hill was more impressive than expected, after the millimeter/feet confusion in the measurements.

When we finally could climb to the top we found that the "city lights" we could see included Milton Keynes, which we expected, but also Peterborough, London and Nantes.

Other surprises were that we found Spinal Tap wanting royalties for their joke, and that the gravitational pull of the new mountain is the real reason the North Pole is now moving in our direction.


  1. There's more spirituality in them thar roundabouts than lots more round about.

  2. If we're talking Swindon, were your senses working overtime?

  3. I thought Solsbury Hill was in Bath?

    1. Shows you the trouble Swindon's in.


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