Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Celebrating Peaceful Day

And so after the sound and fury of the EU referendum, the rally of the Socialist Workers' Party behind Jeremy Corbyn and the humiliation of a load of donkeys led by a donkey last night - we settle down to Peaceful Day.

Soothing sounds are being piped around the Community grounds. Images of ducklings and kittens are being displayed on the Moot House projector. But not images of ducklings with goslings. Now that's a photo shoot I'm not repeating.

People are being urged to tread lightly on one another's dreams. To whisper sweet blessings. To smile softly, with holy eyes. To stay away from Twitter. To be mindful. Above all, to be peaceful.

The idea for Peaceful Day came from today being the feast of Irenaeus - that famously peaceful man. He was a great opposer of heresies. So we won't actually mention him during any Peaceful Ceremonies. We don't want to upset any heretics. It wouldn't be peaceful

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