Saturday, 11 June 2016

Confirmation Bias "Could Rise by 85% Thanks to Referendum"

Experts are warning that, as a result of the EU Brexit Referendum, confirmation bias in British Social Media could rise by as much as 85%. A survey of 200 people has indicated that the majority of them believed that confirmation bias was becoming increasingly prevalent, especially among their friends.

"It's an observed fact, or at least it is in my experience" said an expert in echo chambers, "that when any kind of controversy breaks out, people increasingly look for evidence and reports that agree with their own prejudices. How else can we explain the surprise that Ed Miliband failed to win the last General Election, when it was obvious to Conservative voters that he was a shambling incompetent who couldn't eat a bacon sandwich unaided, or the way that people who support exit believe the EU costs us £350m per week?"

A representative for the Society of People Who Don't Believe in Confirmation Bias said that this survey appeared to be small and unrepresentative, and pointed to another survey that said that people were approaching the whole thing with an open mind.

However when we approached the President of the Society for What We all Suspected, he said the results were unsurprising, and in line with his own experience.

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