Sunday, 18 September 2016

All Things to All People

Yeah, this evening's "Worship in the 1980s Charismatic Style" did get a bit fractious. I'm afraid that Burton's combining 1980s music, his own form of 1920s gender theory and 2010s progressive inclusivity just caused some kind of a snarl up. Like the beams crossing in Ghostbusters.

So during "Give Thanks with a Grateful Heart": after the third repeat, "And now the ladies" was obligatory. Then "and now just the gentlemen". But then the 2010s cut in. 26 more verses of ever finer cultural, gender, sexuality and racial distinction. By the time we got to "And now the people of mixed race and non-binary self-identification", there was only one person left singing. And I'd like to apologise to Grensworthy for Burton having accidentally outed them like that.


  1. I have fond memories of my favourite 'visiting vicar' announcing the second hymn, pausing while giving the musicians a firm stare, and stating 'we will sing this only once'. This was after we had sung the first song/hymn over and over and over...

  2. I have visions of robed choirs and music groups, competing for space and noise, while the organist loses his temper at the inability of the organ to play bass drums to Queen's favourite hymns - Freddy Mercury spinning like a top.


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