Sunday, 18 September 2016

Earthquake, Wind and P.A.

I'd like to apologise to those Beaker Folk who suffered from the "teething problems" with the new P.A. this morning.

It is true that we needed an upgrade on the old system. The speakers used to buzz something awful when Nozdril played his bass banjo. And when Hnaef dropped his voice to a whisper when preaching  (as has happened once or twice in the last ten years) people said they had trouble hearing him.

So Marzhal fitted the new set up for us. It looked quite impressive. Bridley hit the first chord of "Angels". There was a sound like a mighty rushing wind. And six Beaker people ended up embedded in the wall.

Next week we'll try setting the master volume to "3".


  1. All the way up to 11, surely?

  2. A median volume of 5.25 is appropriate for most services, and 9 for funeral dancing out music. Weddings get a discreet 4.5 so we can hear the groom's feet qauking in his boots.

  3. Our system occasionally picks up passing taxis, and some people claim to have heard police broadcasts, though I never have. Visiting priests have to be forewarned lest they otherwise leap like stags at unexpected interpolations into the liturgy.

    1. I know of a church where the PA would pick up a nearby pub on quiz nights. Radio mics have a surprisingly long range!


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