Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Save the Peccadillo

It was at our open forum last night, "Sin: It's all a Matter of Context". Hnaef said he didn't have real sense of great sinfulness. Just a few minor peccadilloes. And everyone else said yeah, same with them.

Can I stress the seriousness of what people are saying here. This isn't just some innocent foibles we're talking about.

Peccadilloes are strictly forbidden in the Community. They steal the peanuts and they're a nightmare to get to talk. And they're always getting run over on the drive.

And I'm deeply suspicious of how anyone managed to cross a parakeet with an armadillo in the first place. Monstrous. Though thank goodness they're only minor peccadilloes. The Great Crested variety is impossible to eradicate.


  1. Surely a peccadillo is a cross between a peccary and an armadillo?

  2. Funny, I thought they were a kind of pickle!


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