Monday, 10 October 2016

St Kirsty's Day

To celebrate St Kirsty's Day this year we will feature this fantastic video. Which I was totally unaware of.

Funny, ironic - Terry really is such a great guy, you know. And she dances like a young woman in 1983. Badly, in other words.

God bless you, Kirsty. I hope the fish are flying where you are. And England are still beating Colombia.


  1. What a great song! Back in an instant to middle year at uni. Never knew Kirsty had written it, let alone recorded it (and so similarly) before Ullman's version.

    1. Yeah the similarity increased by Tracey Ullman singing to Kirsty's backing track including Kirsty's vocals.

      Don't want to be rude about Tracey Ullman. She is a talented singer and comic actress. She really is. Tracey can do a lot of things, too. But Kirsty was cleverer, funnier and a better singer.


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