Monday, 23 January 2017

50th Birthday of Milton Keynes

Hymn: Happy Birthday, Milton Keynes

Archdruid: Behold on the North West horizon! Where the sun setteth in the summer!

All: A city arises!

Burton Dasset: Well, just a new town really...

Archdruid: O MK! MK!  Home of Homebase!

All: Abode of Argos!

Archdruid: Erm.... Villa of the IT arm of VW Audi?

All: Manor of Marshal amps!

Archdruid: May the traffic ever flow smoothly round thy grids.

All: And may thy tyres ever wear smooth on their left hand sides.

Archdruid: May thy sheep safely graze, from Astwick to Olney.

All: And may thy concrete cows ne'er stray from home.

Drayton Parslow: Come away from her, my brethren! Know ye not that she is an pagan city...

Burton: .... new town....

Drayton: That is aligned on the rising sun at midsummer? When tumbling down from Campbell Park the shadows call forth worship of the false sun god and the pagans stream to MK Central?  Where even the railway station is a ley site? Where the grid roads are laid out strictly in squares in accordance with geomantic principles?

Archdruid: Oh yeah? What about that bit at Denbigh where two V roads meet?

All: A disturbance in the Force!

Hymn: And did these Streets, In Ancient Times

Archdruid: Go unto Ikea and bring me back tea lights.

All: Righto.

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